Twin-chamber vacuum machines- TITAN-X 850

V high-quality stainless steel,conform to HACCP
V 99-programme memory
V H2O sensor for automatic packaging of liquid products
V Quick-stop function for packaging liquids

  • Product specifications
    Product specifications

    Internal chamber dimensions : 960 x 960 x 230 mm
    External dimensions: 2050 x 1310 x 1130 mm
    Seal length : 850 mm

  • User-friendliness

    Our intuitive Z 3000 sensor control unit permits simple and precise setting of important operating
    parameters. Pre-set values can be recalled via the memory function. The well-thought-out and ergonomic
    construction of the machines permits user-friendly working and guarantees optimum packaging results.

  • Sealing

    The perfect synergy of contact pressure, sealing temperature and sealing time produces optimum fusing
    results. Our high-pressure sealing systems ensure consistent sealing results even with thicker types of
    bag. The machine can be equipped with cut-off sealing in order to avoid unnecessary bacterial exposure.